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Tribute to Kevin Thomas

Rock`n roll casualties... the end of the band
Kevin Thomas played drums for me for more than 15 years. Kevin was the best. There are very few with the groove that he had. Kevvy and his wife Nicole were shocking pissheads. Alcoholics. I've got my faults so I'm not making any judgements. We all have our crosses to bear.

KT does his thing One night they got on it and Kev drank a bottle of whiskey. She drank a bottle of vodka. The next day she had a hell hangover. To cut a long story short, she died of alcohol poisoning.

Nicole wasn't perfect but she was perfect for Kev. It broke his heart, big time. He climbed into the whiskey bottle to ease the pain. He drank so much they said he wasn't fit and took his kid off him. The pain got worse.

One night he collapsed off his drums, had a seizure and died in hospital. Died of a broken heart, I reckon.

God bless you Kev. I wrote a song for you, mate.


spacer"What could he do, he died of a broken heart."

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  Song for Kevvy - MP3 - 3.6Mb
  (Recorded live in Ursus - 2010)


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