Noel Coutts Noel's lyrics - Sneak Up  plays guitar

Noel and the opera

A capable actor, Noel performed in the Living Arts New York Opera Company's production of Porgy and Bess in 2006. He was the only white guy in the cast. That's Noel in the white suit and hat playing the detective.

 Noel in Porgy and Bess

In 2008 Noel rejoined the Opera Company for rehearsals in New York then set off on a fascinating tour which included Russia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Greece.

Noel in Porgy & Bess In Moscow they played with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. In Warsaw it was the 130 piece Polish National Opera Orchestra.

During this tour one of the black American cast members admired Noel's rich vocals, saying "Man, how did a white guy end up with a voice like that?"

Falling in love...
It was during this tour that Noel met his future wife - the beautiful and talented Elzbieta Tabernacka, flautist with the Polish Orchestra.

Mr and Mrs Coutts

As you might expect, this was a classic love story. Noel and Ela fell in love and married in Poland in 2009. They now divide their time between Europe and New Zealand.


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