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Confesisons of a modern day pirate

Noel's live Pirate show

Noel's skull motif In keeping with his seafaring tradition, Noel has penned a one-man show called "Confessions of a modern day pirate". It's a thought provoking story told in narration, rhyme and song.

Based loosely on Noel's own experiences and lessons from the school of life, it tells the story of growing up in the railway yards, of getting involved at an early age with gangs, then finding himself whilst on the run for something he didn't do.

Noel's real-life adventure continued when he worked for pirates in the China Sea (seriously!) before becoming a pirate in the movies.

Noel Coutts - Pirate

"Confessions" is a story about dreams.

Described as a fascinating combination of fact, fiction and fantasy, "Confessions of a Modern Day Pirate" plays in fringe festivals in New Zealand, the USA and in the UK.


Illustrations by Spike Wademan

"The past is what was
while the future it seems,
is as much or as little
as we dare to dream."

"Yours is to dream
mine is to find.
It's the monkey and pussy
play tricks with your mind."


Noel's mermaid


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