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Noel's poetry

While Coutts is best known for his music, he's also an actor and a published poet. If you ask Noel he'll probably describe himself as a "storyteller", for that's the art that binds his talents together. Noel often mixes poetry with his musical perfomances. In 2003 he published a book of poems with an accompanying CD. Called "Tales of Aotearoa" the book is still popular with audiences today.

As you'd expect from a sailor, Noel's poems often have a seafaring theme. Here's one of his recent works.

Dark side of the dream
From Confessions of a Modern Day Pirate
The barometor is falling
it's dropping like a stone
the wind picks up with icy blasts
Lady Sterling in 1930 the sea is white with foam
and waves as big as mountains
loom menacingly for miles
digging deap for courage
we try to raise a smile
waves crash on the bowsprit
the cold winds howl and scream
and so begins the battle
from the dark side of the dream.

Then as we crash through a wave
the wind and water force
knocks the boat right over
then things get much worse
till shuddering she rights herself
insides a wash with stores
seems everything thats not tied down
is sloshing round the floor
clothes and books and bedding
fish hooks bread and beans
knee deep we man the hand pumps
from the dark side of the dream.

Then the sun that I've been seeking
disappears from sight
dark clouds getting darker
with the onset of the night
waves crash on the for deck
the forcastle hatch caves in
relentlessly relentlessly
the cruel sea rushes in
sails shredded in the rigging
a storm so wild and mean
and we pray to God in heaven
from the dark side of the dream.

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