Noel Coutts Noel's lyrics - Tui in the rain  plays guitar

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The last release from Noel Coutts and the boys is a ripper! Featuring thirteen tracks of Noel's famous "rockacow blues" and some damned fine musicians, this CD will appeal to anyone who enjoys real kiwi music.

Coming Home Track listing
  1 When the night
  2 Tui in the Rain
  3 Going back to Nelson
  4 Why
  5 Wellington City
  6 Slapper Ho Dog
  7 Baby be Mine
  8 Cheating Heart
  9 Coming Home
  10 Sally
  11 Tattoo
  12 Taniwha
  13 Broken String

Sample MP3 tracks
  Tui in the Rain
  Going back to Nelson


  "There are touches of Hammond Gamble, Richard Thompson, Leonard Cohen and Mark Knopfler in his tone and timbre,
  but there's a devilish glint in the delivery that's all Noel Coutts."

      ~ Southland Times

  "More kiwi than Crowded House"
      ~ Southland Express

We've completely sold out of these CDs for now... sorry folks.


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