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Noel's passion for sailing

Introducing Lady Sterling... this grand old lady is a true treasure from a bygone era. Built in Auckland by Bailey & Lowe in 1920, Lady Sterling is a magnificent fifty foot (15m) schooner. She's Noel's base when he's back in New Zealand.

Constructed from the finest kauri by old fashioned craftsmen, she boasted an onboard piano when she was new. Lady Sterling is about as romantic as sailing gets. Before Noel rescued her, previous owners had allowed the vessel to fall into disrepair and sadly, somebody even threw out the piano.

 The Stateroom
Noel spent three years painstakingly restoring "The Lady" and she's looking sharp these days. Boasting solar power, full electronics and even silver service in the saloon, she's fully equipped to sail around the world.


Lady Sterling has her own pennant kindly designed by Noel's friend, the venerable Queenstown artist Spike Wademan.


Noel's heart tattoo   The lady's pennant


Accompanying Noel on his journeys is his first mate, his faithful springer spaniel Maggie. You'll often find her hanging out whenever Noel's performing.

Although she's a ripe old 15 years, Maggie still loves a decent night of rock`n roll and often performs with her mate Noel.

 Noel sailing

In 2008 Noel did a spot of classic yacht sailing in Scotland. There are some photos on the Fife Regatta page.


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