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Noel's TV & Movies

Noel has appeared in numerous TV commercials, usually for overseas markets and often with Maggie the dog at his side. They make a great team.

 Noel and Maggie


Noel has also acted in a number of movies and television programmes over the years. Here's a small sample.

 Noel in Xena Left: Noel playing the part of an evil warlord in
the popular Xena Warrior Princess TV series.

 Noel Coutts in Swiss Family Robinson

Above: Noel as a pirate in the 1998
production of Swiss Family Robinson.

 Noel as Captain Cook                  The Endeavour
Noel also starred as Captain Cook in a German television
production which was shot in Tahiti.

In 2005 Noel composed and performed the theme song for Television New Zealand's primetime series "Remarkable Vets". He also wrote about 50% of the incidental music used in the popular series which is still playing to European audiences on the Discovery Channel.


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